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Dual Citizenship Law

Various scenarios

You are a German citizen, living in the United States and you want to obtain the U.S. citizenship?

If you willing apply for any foreign citizenship and obtain it, you automatically forfeit your German citizenship. Loss of citizenship can only be avoided by obtaining a special perimt ("Beibehaltungsgenehmigung") before naturalising in a foreign country.

Or you are now an American citizen and a former German citizen, living in the U.S. and you weren't aware that you lost your German citizenship when you became a US citizen?

Or you are a US citizen with a permanent "Aufenthaltsgenehmigung" in Germany and you would like to get the German citizenship but not give up your U.S. citizenship?

Please find further information at www.beibehaltungsgenehmigung.info


Our services

We advise you on your chances of success in obtaining the "Beibehaltungsgenehmigung" and file the application for it with the German government. If you lost your German citizenship already we will evaluate the chances of success for a re-naturalisation from abroad, file the application for you and represent you in the administrative proceeding.

If you are an American citizen living in Germany we will find out if there are chances that you can become naturalised in Germany without giving up your US citizenship. We can also represent you in the naturalisation proceeding in Germany.